DogCamp Boquete


1. Before to get inside a rescued dog to DogCamp we need to be sure that the dog doesn’t have fleas and ticks, is very important to check it and bath the dog with a shampoo for fleas and ticks. After the bath (next day) we apply products for fleas and ticks (Fipronex or another similar)

2. After the dog is clean, we will put the dog in a separate area from the other dogs, we will feed him/her, we will give a nice and warm bed for sleeping. We want that the dog feels comfortable in the new place.

3. Next day we will take the dog to the vet Dr. Chely for making a blood test and deworm. We wait for the results and see if the dog needs some medical treatments, normally the dogs comes with tick fever and anemia. So we start with Doxicicline for 21 days, Hepatic protector and GP Canine for the anemia, we need to pay for the blood test 8 dollars to the Lab and 10 dollars to Dr. Chelly, after that we need to buy the medicine (Doxi, Hepatocan and GP Canine).

4. We will start to feed the dog three or two times per day, it depends how bad is the dog, we normally use Pedigree, Dog Chow, Alpo or Kirkland. But for a rescued dog we need the cans food and we mix it with dry food and sometimes with rice and vegetables, if we have enough money to buy them.

5. If the dog has skin problems, we need to use a special shampoo, it depends how bad is the skin but normally the vet recommend Clorhexidine twice a week. The price of the shampoo is between 7 or 11 dollars, a small bottle.

6. After 21 days the dog must rest for a week from the medicine, then we make another blood test to check if the dog is completely heal or maybe the dog is still sick, so we will pay again 8 dollars for the Lab and 10 dollars to Dr. Chelly.

7. If the dog is totally healthy, we will give the 6 in 1 shot (vaccine), the price is 15 dollars.

8. Then we will take the dog to the Animals Clinic to spay or neuter the dog. We will pay 15 dollars for the surgery.

9. Finally the dog will be ready for adoption.

During all the process, we need dog food, can food, and sometimes we need to feed them with meat or chicken mix with rice and vegetables and of course we need to buy what the dog need.


1. We will introduce the dog to the big pack (big, medium, small, young, old, puppy dogs) and our two cats.

2. We will teach him/her how to play, how to meet new people, new dogs, share the space, eat with all the pack together obviously in separate bowls The dog will learn how to eat with all the pack and don’t fight for food (very important point if you want a balanced dog).

3. When dog start to feel better we need to walk the dog with a leash inside the property, the dog will start to learn how to walk properly with collars and leashes on him/her.

4. After that because the dog feels much better, they want to play so they will start to learn how to play with the other dogs, sharing toys, they will learn the limits, respect the jerarquia they have at DogCamp,

5. the new dog will learn how to live with cats around him/her. The cats are in the yard during the day and inside the house at night with all the dogs.