Local Government

Drivers License Renewal

Driver licenses can be renewed on line at this site:  https://www.sertracen.com.pa/ampliacion-de-licencias/  The only caveat is it’s a Spanish-only website.  There are two options: you can request an appointment for renewal at SERTRACEN in David (you will not be allowed in without an appointment) or renew online with eyesight and hearing tests given on line (ppc earphones recommended)  For those over 70, the medical certificate can be uploaded along with your ID (cedula or passport).  The process won’t move through without uploading the required documentation. You can also pay online or you can pay when you go in for your appontment.

Paying Traffic Tickets in David

The ATTT office is located at Plaza Mas La Riviera in David.

There are two steps to this process.

Step one is to get in the line to make sure that your ticket is registered. Do this first since you can’t pay unless it is in their system.

Step two is to pay at the Caja, cash only.

Men, long pants and closed toe shoes required.

Mon – Fri 8AM – 4PM



Public Notary – Boquete

Located in the Mayor’s Building

on the side facing Romero, last door on the left, then first door on left after you enter the building

Mon – Fri  8AM – 4PM