Association of Community Charity of Boquete

Asociacion de Caridad de la Communidad de Boquete

is a Panamanian non-profit Association.

We are more than 50 members working for the betterment of the Boquete Community since 2010. Our meetings are once a month held at different local restaurants (when we are not under a pandemic). This is not a guy’s club, and our annual dues are reasonable, ($30 p/p) and we encourage couples to join. You can use the donate button below to add or renew your membership.

We support Boquete’s First Responders and their families in the event of a serious injury or death.

We also provide financial support to other Boquete Organizations through fundraisers, Bingo, Oktoberfest, Children’s Christmas party, special dinner parties to raise Christmas gifts for Boquete’s needy kids, Boquete’s Christmas Concert and other community events to benefit Boquete.

We have raised funds for organizations such as: Knitters and Quilters; Bricks Path Ministeries, Handicap Foundation, Buenos Venvenicos, The Dog Camp, Casa Esperanza, Hogar Triska, and other local Ministries and schools in Boquete. We believe these organizations provide a much-needed service that is a full-time job and we raise money for them so

they can do what they do best.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve we host an annual Bar-B-Que for Boquete First Responders at the Police Station.
ACCBoquete is here to support the Boquete community!


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