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Volunteers Needed For Our Super Food Dehydration Project  

Dr. Daniel Daves
 Dr. Daniel Daves

We need volunteers to join us at the Global Food Providers Farm and Dehydration Center (Google Maps will show you how to get there).  We have tons of super foods that we are dehydrating to feed widows, orphans and the malnourished in Panama.  We dehydrate super foods, then powderize them so they can be infused into a pot of rice for needy families.  

At 6:10 in this video, you will see our volunteers preparing foods as we normally do:  

If you have some extra time and would like to sit in the shade, make new friends, socialize while preparing super foods on our trays, we would love to have you.  Right now we're volunteering on Thursday mornings from 8am - 11am.  In the near future we will be working 3 days per week as our dehydration center expands to handle more foods.  

If you would like to come on a Thursday morning, please Whatsapp Daniel at 6121-0591 or email .  We will confirm the date you (and friends) want to come, and we will have everything ready for you.  Dress casual, bring your mask please, and we'll supply the rest.  Ice water, places to sit or stand at your convenience, and a nice covered patio are waiting for you.  Bring a group if you'd like.  Thank you!

For more information: Volunteer

Here are photos of PRE CORONA volunteers at work, so you can see where we do our work: Volunteer Photos

Thank you!  Dr. Daniel Daves, Global Food Providers, Chiriqui, Panama

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